Friday, August 19, 2011

"You almost succeeded in making Montana look good."

We recently sent out (most) of our Thank-You notes for our wedding - the ones that are left are from a family shower in July and a few late wedding presents. The Thank-Yous were postcards. Our picture was on the front... the two of us standing in a grassy area, with mountains in the background. Quite fitting for the area we live in... we have mountains on three sides of us, but they're all about an hour's drive away. We don't live in the mountains, but they sure are close!

Anyways, we were quite proud of these postcards - we didn't have to wait to find a good wedding picture to use and it showed our family and friends where we live. Weddings are only the beginning... we don't only thank our family and friends for our wedding gifts, we also thank them for their love, support and prayers as we begin our new life together... a life in Big Sky Country!

We were recently back home for my brother's wedding. There, many people complimented us on our Thank-You cards. One close friend even went to say... "You almost succeeded in making Montana look good! I've been to Montana, and most parts are not that pretty!" 

We laughed of course. It's true, driving across the state, there are some barren wastelands that are not pretty at all. In Montana's defense, Wyoming is even worse! :)

On our way back to Big Sky Country, however, Grizz told me to take some pics of the beautiful scenery... we'll show her - Montana is beautiful! :)

So, enjoy some pics of our new homeland... our new life... our new adventure!!

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