Friday, July 8, 2011


We survived (and greatly enjoyed) hosting family in our little apartment this past weekend. We even survived having a flat tire (without a spare), a bear-like noise near our camp fire, and various health impediments during our backpacking trip! I was lucky enough to stay away from blisters, but in return, I was blessed with lovely heat rash on my legs. I won't go into too many details, as I'll post a more thorough story of the weekend with pictures soon.

Random tidbits:

I have my cowboy boots! (Thanks husband...)
I saw my first Montana rodeo.
We watched fireworks across the city from the comfort of our roof.
I have my new social security card and a temporary license... both with my new name on them!
We ordered an IMac on Tuesday. It arrived today! I cannot express how happy I am to have a computer with photo software on it :D
My new camera (weatherproof... rain and freezing temperatures won't keep me from taking pictures anymore!) worked out quite well on the trip. It will be perfect for wintry adventures when I don't want to risk bringing my good camera along!
I made my first cherry pie. Grizz wanted pie instead of cake for his birthday. I made the crust but bought the filling. I plan on making the filling next time!
I've been successfully rummaging lately - a tray for the ottoman, fabric (including enough white fabric to back a Christmas Tree Skirt), and two white, flat sheets (perfect for finishing two quilt tops of Grandma's!)

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