Friday, July 1, 2011

First Post From The Phone

Expect a lot of spelling mistakes in this post. Since some VIPs will be arriving soon, I'd rather not get out the laptop just so I can waste time by posting :)

Last night was a success! Lasagna turned out yummy! I was nervous while waiting for it to cook - it took about half an hour longer to cook than usual! I've also never hosted a supper for a Pastor and his wife before... Everything turned out well and I'll post the lasagna recipe next week (after the visitors have left!)

Thus will be a big weekend! Celebrating Grizz's birthday tonight, rodeo tomorrow before hiking for three days/two nights... then back in time fof fireworks in the city! I still need to post about last weekend and the car camping too. Thus expect lots of posts next week once things calm down again :)

Happy Fourth of July!!

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