Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is my first time flying alone. Previously, I've always been with family or the xc/track teams. Grizz is getting some training all week on a city three hours away, but thankfully our neighbor was nice enough to drive me to the airport! I obviously wasn't thinking when I set my alarm last night. We were planning on leaving the apartments at ten to five. I set my alarm for 4:45 thinking I'd have time to shower and eat. Oops! I woke up to my alarm, realized my mistake and texted the neighbor that I'd be ready at 5. I quickly changed, brushed my teeth and took a few bites of cereal... not exactly the quiet, serene morning I had imagined.

I got my boarding passes and went through security... no lines at all (got to love small airports)! It was even quick to go through security with two IDs to show my name change!

The first flight went off without a hitch. It was great to view my new state from above. It would have been nice if the husband could have come along to point out mountain ranges and towns :) Descent into my connection city was interesting... We had to go through ALOT of clouds right before landing :s

Trying to find what gate my next flight was departing from was also interesting. It wasn't coming up on those boards that usually tell you. I took time to use the restroom before checking again. It still wasn't showing up! I decided to try costumer service. The lady quickly pointed me in the right direction. (Of course, as I walked past those board-thingys, my gate was listed - after taking time to ask!) It was a long walk... I was carrying my boarding pass in my hand... bad idea.

Once I knew what gate I was heading to and I new where it was, I decided to stop at McDonalds. Breakfast! I carried my food with me as I continued the trek to my gate. Before my last moving sidewalk, I filled up my water bottle. Looking back, it was then that I put everything in my tote and pulled my tote and suitcase together. Figuring out what's going to happen yet?

So, I found my gate, but I was worried because it said Houston... Not my destination! I checked the board, and sure enough, I was at the right gate, Houstan travelors just got to leave before my plane :)

It was then that I realized I couldn't find my boarding pass!!! Yikes! My heart jumped so high. Well, after tearing my tote apart, I made my way to customer service again. There was no one around to help me, so I used one of the kiosk things, hoping that it would be helpful. IT WAS! All I had to do was swipe my credit card and I could print off another boarding pass. I couldn't believe how easy it was!

Thus, I proceeded back to my gate and started writing this blog. Well, I overheard some other people talking about our destination so I pricked up my ears a bit. OUR GATE WAS CHANGED! A group of us had to walk twenty gates away to the new one. I never thought I'd be thankful for long layovers!

Boarding the plane was not a problem... the worry that someone had found my old boarding pass and would try to board the plane at me never came to fruition :)

Now, I'm back in my parents' home, relaxing. Lovely! I think I've learned my lesson, though... my boarding pass is staying in my wallet in my purse in my tote. I WILL NOT LOSE IT AGAIN :)

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