Friday, July 29, 2011

Devil's Bathtub

After we ran the half-marathon (see the post here), our group of 8 were deciding what to do. We showered and ate at Sanfords. This is a place that I remember from my freshman state track meet... greasy and yummy! Great for after our half!

Throughout the day, we'd heard tidbits about "Devil's Bathtub." We asked some locals at the restaurant, and set out on an adventure. According to random blog posts on the internet, Devil's Bathtub is on private land, but day hikes are encouraged. You drive up Spearfish Canyon, pull off on a gravel road called Cleopatra, pick a trail and start walking! It doesn't matter what route you take as long as you follow the stream. Wear good shoes - ones that won't break but ones you don't mind getting wet. You end up crossing the stream too many times to count, plus once you get up to the pools, its just as easy to walk through the water than it is to go on the rocks.

As we were walking, we could definitely feel the effects of our race that morning. Ouch! But, I would much rather hike in the Hills than lounging at a park or something.

One of the best things about this hike? We got to try out our camera's waterproof capabilities! We bought one of these at Sam's Club earlier this summer. It was about time we had a small camera that would be great for all our outdoor activities. Even if we don't use it in water that often, it will be great for winter sports!

As for the Bathtub... there were a lot more people hiking and enjoying the area than we had anticipated. For being on private land, and not being wildly advertised, there were lots of people! It was a beautiful destination though, and it's a great way to cool off on a hot day :)

Here are some pics from the afternoon...

In one of the pools...

Only the boys did this... so cold!
The Devil's Bathtub

Underwater camera :)

Thumbs up!

Stonefly Exoskeleton... you never know when you'll get a science lesson in nature...

The one and only bridge on the hike.

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