Monday, June 27, 2011

Laundry Lesson #1

I've grown up watching my mother do the laundry. Every once in awhile a non-clothing item would find its way through the washer and dryer - Mom was never very happy when this happened.

Thus, it wasn't a total surprise that I would live out a similar episode during my first week on the job as "laundress."

I put a load of laundry in the washing machine. Eventually, that load of laundry was put in the dryer. Then, as I was pulling out dried clothes and putting them in the basket, I found a pen - a pen that was now in three parts. It was blue. I was dreading what I would find next.

I threw everything in the basket and started folding them in the living room - slowly and carefully so as not to miss a single piece of blue-stained clothing. My hopes were rising as I pulled out pieces that didn't have a touch of blue on them "Maybe I got lucky?!" Eh, not so much. A pair of his basketball shorts had a tinge of blue on the white stripe, but I wasn't too worried about the shorts. Then, I pulled out one of Grizz's good work shirts. Bright, blue stains dotted the front and the back. Ugh!!!

I figured it was a lost cause. I folded the rest of the clothes and put them away. I sent a few picture texts to friends and family. Thoughts of buying new clothes started going through my mind.

But then, one of the responses sent me on a mission to correct my mistake! I knew it would be almost impossible to fully save the shirt - once a stain goes through the dryer, it usually stays. Hairspray was my first idea, but after searching the internet, I also decided to try fingernail polish remover.

Battlefield: me versus the blue-stained shirt in the bathroom sink
Weapons: hairspray, fingernail polish, a stain remover, laundry detergent, cold water

First advances: One after another I soaked the stains. Little by little the stain started to fade.

Final move: I threw it in the washer... definitely no dryer this time.

Result: Victory! With a few casualties... there's still a few faint blue marks, but nothing so horrible that my husband won't wear it!

Lesson Learned: CHECK POCKETS prior to washing :)

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