Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hand-Pieced Quilt Along... Finally Finished

Way back in January 2012 (yikes), I started Erin's Hand-Pieced Quilt Along. I loved it! It gave me something to look forward to each Friday when she posted the next block. Well, I had the top pieced together last summer, and this summer, I finally decided to get it quilted and bound. This WIP is finally finished.

Here it is!

 It will hang in my sewing/craft room someday, and I hope Peanut asks about it. Then I can talk to her about...

  • loving what you do
  • doing what you love
  • not everything will come out perfect
  • even if it's not perfect, you can still be proud of it

You see, there is no way I'm ever going to wash this wall quilt. I'm pretty sure it would fall apart. I'm not kidding. Sorry there are no close-ups... it's wavy, some triangle points are completely cut off, and the stitches are totally uneven.

 BUT, I still love it and I will be proud to hang it up. I started something and I finished it. And I'm OK with it being perfectly unperfect :)

PS: The scrappy binding is definitely my favorite. It took awhile to hand-sew the scraps together, but I managed to use scraps of each of the fabrics I used in the blocks to create the binding. I love it!

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  1. A beautiful finish and I am so impressed that it is all had stitched. You get a big Woo Hoo!

  2. Wow! That is a LOT of handwork! Congrats on finishing it. You should be proud.

  3. I love it, Heidi! Mine is imperfect too, and it's my all time favorite quilt. You did a fab job on this!!!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! I am a new folower and although we live in California, my husband is a Montana native..love big sky country!

  5. Looks great! Handsewing is so impressive regardless of perfection! Awesome! One day I will attempt it. The closest I've got is English paper piecing which is really fun, too.

  6. Impressive finish. Perfection is over-rated. I love your attitude and your pride in the completion of this awesome quilt. I have a few of my quilts hanging on my studio walls and enjoy them. Quilting is a journey, enjoy the ride. Have a great weekend.