Monday, September 9, 2013

Antique Store Sale!

 Craigslist is an amazing thing, isn't? We have been able to sell some furniture, and it lets me know about garage sales... AND it informs me about sales at local antique stores! Woot!

Case in point: a vender in a downtown shop was selling out... everything in his booth was 50% off - BUT the Christmas things and linens were 75% off! I'm not kidding... vintage linens were 75% off :) I was a happy lady when I saw that Craigslist post :)

Then, Peanut was in a crazy mood - there was no way she was settling down for a nap anytime soon... this always means we get to go on an outing! We drove downtown and I strapped her into the front-carrier. It was time to browse :)

We found the booth, and although I could have purchased many more items, I restricted myself to these goodies... an embroidered table runner, 3 fat quarters and more than a 1 yard cut of vintage fabrics. Happy me!

I also found this Little Golden Book in another booth. Not on sale, but I *need* it in my future sewing room ;) My entire purchase was under $10!

When Mom was in town in August, we made sure to make quick stops in several antique stores and fabric shops. Well, I had never heard of this store, so we missed walking by it because we turned around one block too early! Oh well, I took a few pictures of items I knew she would be interested in and sent them to her. It's almost as good as shopping with her :)

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