Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This past winter, when we were in Washington, an aunt dug out some old pictures and started handing them out. They make me smile, so they're today's bloggy subject :)

One summer, when I was in elementary school (in the 90s), we had a very wet Spring. The local lake started to flood, along with the many, many sloughs in the area. The lake actually never went back to its original size, and there are still a few gravel roads that have stayed underwater. It was a big deal back then, but of course, as with all things, we've gotten used to it.

I was the youngest of three, with two older brothers. I was Mommy's little helper, as you can tell with me sitting on the counter with my bare-feet (still love walking barefoot!), probably helping her make chocolate chip cookies (my dad's favorite!). We were a very athletic family, as you can tell by my brothers' basketball and baseball t-shirts. And just look at all the stripes. Ahh, memories :)

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