Sunday, July 7, 2013

Someone is 3 Months Old Today!

Someone is getting bigger! Peanut is 3 months old today. It's hard to believe it has been three months since this little one has joined us, but then I remember back to the countless hours of walking with her and bouncing her and feeding her and then I think... maybe time hasn't gone all that fast :)

 Comparing to her 1 week, 1 month and 2 month pictures. 

Grizz thinks she grew more between 1 and 2 months; all I know is that pretty soon she won't fit inside the coiled rope!

  • I have integrated all of her 3-6month clothes with her 0-3month ones; soon, I'll have to take out all of the smaller ones, but for now, she can wear both sizes.
  • The swing is still her least favorite activity. She has started to like her bouncer chair more - it lets her kick, kick, kick in the seat - and the jumperoo is definitely her favorite! She has started to be able to calmly lie on her back more than what she used to... we watched her bat her hand at the hanging monkey as she was lying on her activity gym today!
  • She still is fussy when she doesn't get long enough naps during the day, but she continues to sleep through the night most of the time. Last night was the first time I had to wake up around midnight for a feeding in a long time (before that, I can only remember a 3:00 and a 4:00 feeding throughout the last few weeks!). I used to be acclimated to waking up in the middle of the night for her to nurse, but now that she sleeps through most nights, I'm not used to it anymore! 
  • Prefolds/covers are still working great as cloth diapers. However, the pocket diapers are still giving us leaking issues. More research and experiments needed!
  • She's a little chatterbox when she's happy and content! My favorite is a "ohgh" sound she makes :) She still loves playing airplane with both Grizz and I!
  • No bottle yet.
  • Still "gurgle-butt"-ing once a day or two. We appreciate knowing when she goes!
  • We took out the infant insert out of her carseat today after reading the instruction manual again. Supposedly, we were supposed to do it a month ago once we found out she weighed more than 11lb. We're guessing she's around 13lb now.
  • Coming up this month: I'm in a wedding up in Glacier in two weeks, and my mom is coming out around the same time that my sister-in-law has a conference in a nearby town, so we will have fun exploring/window-shopping/antiquing together. Other than that, we continue to plan our move back to SD!! 
Happy Three Months, Peanut!

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