Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One Month

 So, by now, little Peanut is over 5 weeks old, but humor me when I call this the 1 month post :) The top picture shows one of her favorite positions when she's fussy... Grizz will just carry her around in a football hold and she'll calm down (for a little bit at least!). Her other favorite position is of course sleeping on my chest (she's there right now as I type this!). The bottom picture shows here there... we were getting ready to walk in to the funeral last week and she stuck this pose. It's like she knew that she could bring some joy to the family during a very sad time. Everybody oohed and ahed as she held that position for a good couple of minutes :)

 And bring joy she did. The aunt who passed away loved children, and it's hard to think that she never got to meet little Peanut... but little Peanut was able to put a smile on a lot of faces amongst the sadness, and for that, I am grateful. It was also fun to see her with her 2nd and 3rd cousins who are about 6 and 2 months older that her (when we move back, they'll all be in the same grade!). Here she is with her great-grandparents (Grizz's mom's parents), her grandparents (Grizz's parents), and with one of Grizz's sisters. The short night and morning we were able to be with my parents went by in a blurr, so no new pictures with my family.

And finally, the comparison picture. 1 week to 1 month. And even as I hold her now, I promise she's still growing! (Maybe we should call her a Little Dandelion instead of Peanut for how fast she's growing!).

A few highlights of our little girl:

  • She's starting to like baths a little more, and she likes diaper changes maybe 50% of the time (sometimes she'll be so calm and stare at the basket holding cloth wipes, and sometimes she'll scream and show off her lungs). 
  • She does not like really warm days (she barely slept at all yesterday because she was so warm and fussy - don't worry, she's making up for the lack of sleep today! Yay!). 
  • She does tend to be a bit colic-y in the evenings, and she has been fussy during the day as well. We're still working on reducing the amount of air she takes in while feeding; plus, she's a hard baby to get burps up... this all leads to a very uncomfortable, gassy baby. But when she cuddles her little head under my chin, it makes up for any amount of fussiness! She is such a cuddle bug! 
  • She loves to bounce, so we'll hold her and sit on the exercise ball to calm her down sometimes. 
  • She is slowly starting to enjoy her swing a little more, but it definitely doesn't work to calm her down. 
  • She struggles sleeping on her back (remember the gassiness!), so she'll sleep on my chest or in her bouncy chair. 
  • We've started using the cloth diapers a little bit every now and then, but she has a pretty bad diaper rash and we're using a cream that is not cloth diaper friendly. When it clears up, it's back to the prefolds and covers!

Ok, I'll stop boring you :) Plus, I think it's time for another episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix... Have a great day!


  1. She is soooo adorable. So sorry to here about your aunt. I bet Peanut dried those eyes right up. My daughter always had bad diaper rash and Baby Gold Bond powder worked wonders, if you can find it.

  2. We use a lot of plain old corn starch to clear up diaper rash. She's such a cutie! I love the 1 month/week pictures.