Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Cloth Diaper! Post #1: Intro

Ah, Peanut is sleeping! Glorious Day! She actually sleeps decently enough, but when she gets into her fussy moods, we do everything we can to get her to fall asleep :) Here she is hanging out with Grizz in the good-ol-rocking chair!

 Once I found out I was pregnant with Peanut, I downloaded an app - the What To Expect app - on my phone. At first, it was only to keep track of how big Peanut was growing and to keep track of what week/month we were in. But, then I found the forums... I mostly just read what other people have asked/answered, but every once in awhile, I'll join in. Anyways, there's a forum on the app (also available online here), called Green Parenting. When I started reading up on cloth diapering in the discussions, I started to really consider cloth diapering Peanut.

Thankfully, Grizz was on board - "Saving money? Sure, sounds great!" - and I started researching and buying diapers! You read about it quite a bit, and now I totally understand... "fluff" mail is so much fun! I very much enjoyed buying and receiving the diapers in the mail! One tip I'll give about buying diapers - there are so many websites to choose from (not to mention all the different kinds/brands of diapers), but sign up for newsletters and check out the forums in order to hear about the sales and discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were great for diaper specials! Some websites will even have coupon codes and free gifts to lure you into shopping for them. Also, don't be afraid of Craigslist! I've bought a few pocket diapers and a wet bag on Craigslist (some new, some used), which really helped to increase our stash for a reasonable price.

Yes, we still use disposables - mainly for nights and for when we go out, or if Peanut has a bad rash - otherwise, we've done really well transitioning to cloth diapers! We use a combination of prefolds and covers and pocket diapers (you stuff an absorbent insert into a "pocket" in the diaper). I have found washing them everyday keeps diapers on the changing table shelves, plus, then the washer isn't too full and the diapers get cleaner than if we washed every other day. I'm sure once Peanut grows a little, she'll start to use less diapers, so maybe then I can just wash every other day. I also made cloth wipes out of flannel and terry cloth. These work out better than I ever expected! We're still figuring out the best method of diaper pails/wet bags, but we have plenty of time to perfect our routine! For now, I'm washing with Tide Ultra Powder or Tide Free and Gentle Powder... I may need to switch sometime if we start having issues, but for now, I'm content.

On a final note: here are some of my favorite pocket diapers - a mathy/science one, one that looks like denim and one that looks like a dairy cow. So fun :)

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