Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two Week Update

 Well, two and a half week update :) We had her doctor's appointment, and everything looked good - she was already 1 pound over her birth weight! She also surprised us and rolled over from her tummy to her back while the doctor was showing us how to do tummy-time. She has yet to do it at home, but at least we know that she can do it!

 Grizz actually wasn't sleeping... I crocheted two hats for little Peanut while I was still substitute teaching. They barely fit! I'll take a better picture of it when I post about all the projects I created while waiting for her to arrive.

 First walk! This happened last week. It was actually sunny for once, albeit a little windy. Don't tell the Grandmas, but it actually sprinkled on us a little bit when we were almost back. Thank goodness for the quilt I made her! It was so nice to get out and about. Once Grizz comes home from work today, we'll go out for walk #2!

 Blue and yellow forever! She went to church for the first time last Sunday (this wasn't her outfit - she wore a long-sleeved, white onesie with pink, ruffle-butt pants). Everyone oohed and ahhed over her!

 Look at those chubby cheeks! This is her favorite sleeping position: laying on me! Peanut is definitely a cuddle bug. She will sleep in her bouncer chair (see below) once I transfer her sleeping body from my chest, plus we're slowly figuring out where else she will happily sleep. We plan on trying the bassinet portion of the pack 'n' play again soon (she hated it when we first tried it!).

 She can look so peaceful sometimes :) and we love her to bits... but don't be fooled (my parents were fooled when they visited the first week - she, of course, was a perfect doll then!). Now, she can be quite fussy, especially when she is gassy. We're working on it, though. I'm slowly taking dairy out of my diet, plus we're doing extra burping and having her nurse while she's angled upward to try to decrease the amount of air in her tummy.

This was from this afternoon: trying out a new sleeping position! She slept in the Moby Wrap this morning. I ordered a Baby K'tan Breeze today. We're borrowing the moby from a friend, but I think it will be too hot for the summer; the breeze looks like it will be better in warmer temperatures.

Ok, that's all for now - I just wanted to record a few things, so I don't forget! Most of the baby announcements went out today, although I still have several to prepare and send. I also need to get to work on the baby book and calendar!

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