Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gifts for Another Friend

Well, while Scooter continues to safely grow inside the bump, I'm enjoying sewing with my stash for Him/Her and for friends :)

 A friend back home had a Valentine's baby! They knew ahead of time that it was going to be a little mister, so I was able to use some more of my boyish flannel for both the burp cloths and bibs.

 I really enjoyed the few days that I was able to set up an assembly line for making several burp cloths and bibs. Thus, Scooter is set with plenty of these, plus I even have a few tucked away for future gifts! (Planning ahead!!)

 For the V-Day baby, we also gave a book titled "Who Pooped In The Park" that we found during our Yellowstone trip. Grizz grew up with V-Day baby's dad (they're actually second cousins), and they spent a lot of time exploring and getting dirty outdoors, so we thought the book was appropriate :)

A last minute addition to the gift package was a crocheted hat using some leftover yarn from this blanket I made last year. Crocheting is such a great activity while substitute teaching - especially if the students are watching a movie or I'm covering a study hall, or even during my prep period. I can whip out these hats pretty quickly! Scooter now has two :) I'll show the pictures another day... but now, I'm going to go do some freezer paper stenciling on some onesies that I dyed two weekends ago!

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  1. Glad to see you're doing well and baby is growing. The baby projects are too cute.