Sunday, August 12, 2012

Math Friend's Baby Gifts!

One of my college friends is about ready to pop... another 10-14 days and there'll be a Baby-Math-Friend in the world! 

I knew I was going to be able to see her (along with another math friend) while spending 2 weeks visiting friends and family back home this summer, so I decided to have my gifts ready for her by then! Of course, I didn't finalize my plans until the week before we left. That's when I found this pin and I knew exactly what I was going to make!

 The pin links to a pattern, but I figured I could figure it out just by looking at the picture - I really enjoyed just winging it! It only took me a quick afternoon (the day before we left!).
I used a black towel from Target and the pink/red fabric I won not too long ago in a giveaway.
Because I haven't cut bias binding by myself in so long (and I was in too big of a rush to look up directions), I ended up messing up a few times, thus the waist straps had to be in a different fabric than the binding and the neck straps. Good thing I had quite a bit of fabric to choose from from that giveaway!

 I just used a kitchen apron to cut out the shape. In the pin, it appears like they kept the bottom of the towel intact, but that was too long, even for me... and Math Friend is a bit shorter. Thus, I just sewed it up and made pockets out of it :) I figured that was easier than cutting and hemming it!

 I've had these burp rags ready for awhile now - last winter I spent an afternoon just making up three sets for friends I knew who were expecting! Baby-Math-Friend's gender is a surprise, so this yellow animal print was perfect! I've made so many of these, that I don't need to look at a tutorial anymore... it's just a strip of flannel sewn to a cloth diaper from Walmart!

 Here are the two girls I visited. We had so much fun catching up and exploring the town where one of them teaches - the other is just about 40 minutes away. I can't even count how many hours the three of us, along with several other math guys and gals, spent studying during college. We had a tight-knit group of math majors, most of whom had plans on teaching... when studying Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis, it's important to have a great group of friends to be with!


  1. Wow, this is a lot of fun. This is cute. Thanks for this. I love the idea and I love this kind of gift.

  2. Really cute and you are really good a winging it. Must be all the math!! Your friend will be so pleased to get such a nice gift!

  3. Wonderful apron and what a cute picture, I can tell you have a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing.
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