Friday, June 8, 2012

Torrey Pines & Mt Soledad

We got to act like tourists a bit on Sunday. The Littlest One wasn't have such a great afternoon, so Brother made the decision for us to let the Littlest One have the house to himself (with his mother of course!). Thus, we went to Torrey Pines State Preserve to do a short hike.
 This was the Little One's first time in the carrier. He did quite well in it!

 The trail we chose led down to the beach, where we ate a little picnic lunch.

It was fun to watch my brother being a parent. I enjoyed helping out, too. Good practice for a future someday, right? :)

After looking out for snakes throughout the hike, and having the Little One saying "sssss" for most of it, we did finally see one. Now, I am not a fan of snakes, so I was happy that this "California Racer" was not poisonous and that it didn't pop out and surprise us.


 Before heading home to see how Sister and the Littlest One was doing, we took a quick trip up to Mount Soledad. This is a memorial for the Korean War, but there is some controversy surrounding the fact that it's a Christian cross on government-owned property.

 One step at a time :)

 A little fun with photography...

 On the top of his uncle's shoulder... what a great view!

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