Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Goals... Non-Sewing!

I'm in a pretty lucky position. I have summers off and I have hobbies (I will definitely not be getting bored anytime soon!). So, this is a perfect time in my life to improve my "house-wife" skills :p We have a small apartment, so it should be easy to keep clean, and we don't have kids, so I have smaller amounts of laundry, dishes and cooking to do. Yet, when I have projects I want to work on, I can easily forget my other duties!!

Thus, here are my summer goals (not including sewing goals!):

...get back on a running plan
...clean a little every day to keep the house neat 
...start planning meals for a week at a time

This little poster came from an idea on Pinterest. I created my version in Photoshop. It's hanging near the kitchen to help remind me!

So, if I can run and clean in the morning, plus get groceries on Mondays, I should be able to attain my goals throughout the summer. Besides, I will still have my afternoons to sew and craft and blog!

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