Thursday, May 31, 2012

For the Quilters

One day as the Algebra II/Trig Honor students were busy working on a test review, I was sewing hexies. I've subbed for these students before, and they know I can help them on their assignment if they have questions... but until they ask me questions, there's not much for me to do.

But, as I sat there hand-sewing my scrappy hexagons together, one of the students asked me what I was making (I get asked this often...). I told her it was a quilt (at this point, most students comment that it's going to take forever to make a quilt like that...). She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted fabric. Um, yes please ;)

Well, it turns out that her mother used to sew, but she doesn't anymore and she's looking to give away her fabric (Score!). I got her email address and emailed her the next day. In the email, I told her that my neighbor and I like to sew and quilt quite a bit, and that there's a group of ladies from my church that quilt every Thursday from 9 until noon (I added that extra bit just in case she didn't actually want to give away her fabric to just anyone).

I had the right hunch because the mother did want to give away fabric to a group that helps local charities. After calling the lead quilter just to make sure they do accept donations, I picked up the free fabric. Look at that stash! I know, I know, I should have taken pictures of the actual loot, but I didn't want to stare too much, knowing that I had to give the fabric to a greater good. (I did take out the non-cottons, since the quilters only take quilting cotton! I didn't get a whole lot but just a few things that will be great for costumes in the future).

To be honest, it was sooo hard not to steal a few pieces of fabric. Those four bags are full of random, fun cottons! I did see some great patriotic pieces that would be a great table runner, but I resisted. I have plenty of fabric in my own stash, and someone was generous enough to give fabric away for FREE with just the idea that it would be quilted and given to a good cause. Isn't that awesome?! There was no way I could sneak a few fabrics knowing that doing so I'd be sneaking fabric away from a warm quilt for someone in need.

Now that school is done for me, I look forward to joining the quilters on Thursdays... I'll be sure to take pictures of the quilts we put together! I just love the idea of quilting for charity... doing something I love, but helping those in need... and sharing God's love through it all :)


  1. I love to work on donation quilts as well, so fun to do something we love and help others too.

  2. Your hexi quilt is absolutely beautiful.