Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Estate Sale (Plus a Great Gift!)

Two Saturdays ago, we did this... thus, there was no time to hit up the Saturday garage sales (climbing the mountain was more fun anyway!). However, Craigslist had a listing for an estate sale that was going on Saturday AND Sunday! You know where I was heading after church :)

Much to my surprise, everything was 50% off... maybe that's a common occurance at estate sales, but this was my first true estate sale - walking around someone's home where EVERYTHING has a price tag on it... 

In the basement, I found a box of fabric next to an older sewing machine that was already sold. The box was listed as $3, though. It was taped, so I couldn't see everything in it, but for $1.50, I couldn't say no! I also picked up two scarves, one hanky, one matching fitted sheet/pillowcase and an embroidered table runner. The box ended up having quite a few things that I passed along to our church rummage sale, but I did save some vintage sheet scraps, half of an embroidered table runner and yardage of some purple wool, a soft floral and that southwestern stripe. (I'm so glad I chose to handwash everything instead of throwing some into the wash... the stripe and the wool bled A LOT!)

I also snatched up a double candlestick up in the kitchen. I loved etched glassware so I couldn't pass up on something like this for only $2. I have a similar candlestick in the Fostoria Chintz pattern, but I didn't recognize the shape or the etched pattern. Therefore, I offer up a big thank you to the internet for helping me find this pattern :)

It is called Prelude and it was first made by the New Martinsville Glass Company, which was bought by Viking Glass in the 1940s. Prelude continued to be produced by Viking. In all, it was produced from the 1930s until the 1950s. I've seen sets of two of these candlesticks listed on the internet for as much as $80! Obviously, with only a lone candlestick, my price value decreases dramatically, but I do think I got a steal by buying it for only two bucks! It looks great sitting next to my Chintz candlestick on my bedside table. Someday, I hope to have a wide range of etched candlesticks and then display them somewhere more prominently... someday :)

This was not a sale find, but it did come in the mail the same weekend... My mother-in-law is too sweet! She sent me this kit and the instructions to make a tool keeper to help me keep my sewing tools contained when I'm out sewing on the kitchen table. It will also be great for when I take my sewing things next door to sew with Neighbor. Thank you again!! I can't wait to have time to sew it up :)


  1. Estate sales are so much fun especially when things go 50% off. You found some nice items, love the etched candlestick.

  2. what lovely finds! the candlestick is a score!