Saturday, April 7, 2012

Instagram Catch-Up

I thought it was about time to catch-up with my instagrams... Enjoy!
 Last weekend, we had a game night at a friends house. Grizz and I were the last two left in our poker game... Guess who won?!

 Yup! I did! Look at all those Q-tips I won!!

 This hallway/bathroom pass in a classroom that I subbed in last week made me giggle. If you ever wanted to get me and my future classroom a Christmas present, this would be perfect.

 The youth of our church will put on a breakfast between the Easter services this coming Sunday. Grizz bought the eggs from the Hutterites last year, so he volunteered to do it again. Since last year, however, the Hutterites have built an egg processing plant that's a co-op between all the area colonies.
Why does that matter to us? Well, that meant that the 30 doz eggs we bought from a single colony weren't washed (typically, the eggs would have been sent to the co-op, but since Grizz has connections through work, we got a deal, and if we would have bought from the co-op, we would have had to pay full price). So, yes, Grizz and I spent an hour and a half in the church kitchen washing 360 eggs. We made it fun by singing songs and talking about high school (including but not limited to our individual experiences with the Physics class egg-drop contest... ah, memories).

 Way back in March, it was PI DAY. I wore my pi day shirt... Thankfully, I was subbing for a math teacher. Sadly, this town does not celebrate pi day very well. I held a party last year for my kiddos; but nothing happened out here. The shirt was all I could do.

 While subbing one day, two girls brought me an apple and a rose... some teacher appreciation thing. I enjoyed.

 Snow. After several Spring-like days. It melted a few days later.

 Flowers from Grizz! Just because :)

 Science classroom. I was a Chemistry and Physics teacher this day. The Chem kids did a  lab about molarity and dilutions and such. It was a good review for me...

Signs of Spring: YAY FOR DAFFODILS!

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