Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Horn Sheep

This last Friday, Neighbor, Grizz and I headed out with a loaded vehicle to Gibson Dam. It is a large dam on the Sun River. We had plans on camping one night and doing a little hiking in the morning - just a nice, quick getaway!

 While driving around, trying to find a camping spot, we spotted a large group of Big Horn Sheep! None of us had seen them in the wild, so we took LOTS of pictures :) Here is Grizz taking pictures from the driver's seat.

 They didn't mind us too much... see, they just want to show us their butts! :)

 Well, there's one female giving us the eye-down.

 Here's a male. See how his horns are much larger and curvier?

Yay for camping and yay for *safe* wildlife (no bear sightings!).

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