Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Time in the Front

Neighbor, Neighbor's Boyfriend, Grizz and I decided to have a fun Friday and Saturday. We went out of city to a small town, explored there a bit, and then spent a few hours in the mountains (Rocky Mountain Front). It was so nice to get out and enjoy a quick getaway!

We had to go to mountains just to find some snow! We found it ;)

 Neighbor, just soaking up the scenery...

 Once we parked, we snowshoed a bit and then set up for lunch.

 Look! The trees are budding! It's almost SPRING!

 The boys built the fire...

 And we roasted hotdogs and pigs-in-a-blanket over the "roaring" fire.

 Then we explored a bit more. Grizz found a snow bridge to walk across the stream.

 Mountain streams are always so clear. Love.

 Then the boys decided to build a snowman.

 Building, building, building.

 Ohp, I guess it was a snowwoman; one who thinks the sun was warm enough to wear an evergreen bikini!

 Neighbor thought the evergreens would be better as hair.

 Grizz and I :)

 Neighbor and Boyfriend.

 And she goes a tumbling...

 I guess she wanted to go swimming after all!

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