Saturday, January 14, 2012

50% Thrifty Friday

Ok. I admit. I scurge throughout the internet for fun ideas to put in my To-Do-Someday-File. Yes, Pinterest is helpful for this, but I have also found some fun blogs to give me ideas!

Then, during this past week, I drove past a local thrift store several times. On it's big sign outside, it said that there would be a 50% off sale on Friday. 

On Friday, as soon as I finished student teaching, I picked up Neighbor and we headed to go search through the aisles! Here are some of our finds...

Just a plain white sheet with some detailing... great for a backing an upcoming quilt!

Neighbor found this for me while she was searching for cookbooks for a friends' birthday (said friend loves all kinds of cookbooks). After looking through my mother-in-law's quilt books over our Christmas vacation, I kind-a-sort-a fell in love with quilting books :)

These vintage sheets, pillowcases and tablecloth are in response to blog posts about using the fabric for all sorts of crafts - namely a quilt. I'm sure I'll be able to get some vintage fabric from Gma and Mom someday, but I wanted to start stocking up my stash!

This was definitely the best find. In high school, I was a heavily involved in FFA and 4-H. I went so far as to ask and receive a black cowboy hat for Christmas. Part of my wedding gift from Grizz was a pair of cowboy boots. The belt buckle was given to me from my Uncle. I don't remember the story of it, but I'll be sure the ask the next time I talk to him! Anyways, I wrote a letter to my Gma earlier this week and told her that we were heading to a rodeo this weekend. I told her that I'd be sporting my flannel, boots, hat and horseshoe earrings - perhaps I'd even wear Uncle's belt buckle if I found a belt for it before then. Well, it was Neighbor's idea to look at the belts, and there it was! $0.50 was the regular price, thus I got the perfect belt to top off my Rodeo Outfit for $0.25! I was beyond happy!

I found a few other finds, and in total, after the 50% off discount was applied, I spent a whopping $8.05. Good times :)

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