Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to our humble... blog!

We hope that someday all our friends and family can come visit our home out here in the Big Sky, but until then... Welcome to our blog!

Grizz is at work, while I (Dove) am supposed to be cleaning and organizing. Monday I organized the kitchen, and yesterday I found room for my clothes and tidied up a bit. Today's mission? Living room and 2nd bedroom.

This is more difficult than you may think. See, Grizz has been living here for almost a year. He knows where his things are and he has lots of little trophies on display. We have all the furniture we need in the living room (probably more than we need considering neither of us could part with our couches!); however, once we get a bedroom set, his old bed goes into the guest bedroom. We also really need a desk in there to keep track of "important" items. (His microwave and dining table were his desk...). Thus, how am I supposed to organize the 2nd bedroom??? Frustrating! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I can just keep things in boxes in there until we get the planned furniture, but still... that's not as fun! :)

Ok, enough complaining... it's time to organize!!!

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