Friday, June 24, 2011

Plastic Bag Holder

If anyone knows of a catchy-er name than "plastic bag holder" I'd greatly appreciate hearing it!

Anyways, a long time ago I used to be in 4-H (from 3rd until 12th grade!) Each summer, Mom and I would frantically come up with different projects for me to complete before Achievement Days in hopes that they would earn a trip to the State Fair (Dad helped some too!) Then, once the Fair came around, the three of us would roam the project halls at the Fair to brainstorm for the coming summer. 4-H taught me to be a perfectionist so the judges could find no fault in my craftiness.

Well, one summer, we saw a plastic bag holder made out of a blue jean leg! It was such a nifty idea, I had to make one too! Sometime that following year, I took an pair of old blue jeans and I cut off the leg. I found some green fabric that had been laying around for years and cut them into strips. With a little bit of elastic, I had replicated the one we saw at the Fair. And so, it hangs in my parents' utility room full of plastic bags, just waiting for someone to pull one out.

When I arrived out here and started going through the cupboards, I needed the space in the linen closet that Grizz's plastic bags were occupying. JoAnn's trip!!!!!

Yesterday, I was on a mission, shopping at the mall and Target and of course, JoAnns! I found some brown and green remnants for a good price, bought some elastic and some snaps. I didn't know when I would have the time to make it, as I figured it wasn't smart to start a project when I already had a long to-do list. I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF! We got home from eating pizza with a friend, and I grabbed my sewing machine, my new rotary cutter and mat and the iron. I was in project mode. Grizz looked on with wonder (he didn't really know what I was up to) and then settled on the couch with a book.

It was so much fun to be sewing again! I had to remember how I made Mom's plus make some changes - I don't have any old blue jeans out here yet and I knew I wanted it to hang on bar instead of a hook (thus why I had to buy snaps). All I ask is that visitors don't look too close at the workmanship - I don't have to worry about purple ribbons anymore! I was sewing quite fast, and I didn't buy matching thread... white and variegated green just had to do! If I ever make it another time, I will definitely take my time :)

Now, I have one hanging in my utility room, just waiting for a bag to be taken from it!

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